Sunday, June 21, 2009


I thought once I was done with college I'd have plenty of time for making clothes and telling you lovely people all about it. Clearly I was wrong, all my time of late has been spent trying to squeeze in all the time I can get with my friends before I head off for the summer, who knows when I'll see them again. Soon enough Catherine and me are going to have to say goodbye and probably won't be seeing each other again till Christmas (that may not seem like a lot of time to some people but we generally don't go more than a few days without seeing each other so it's going to be a bit of a shock).So recently we planned a brilliant day of reading the papers over a few pints in our new favourite pub,followed by cinema scoops ( I don't know how anyone has managed to watch angels and demons without being drunk. So anyway the Guardian kindly informed me that design legend Philippe Starck would soon be designing a range of clothes with the Scottish brand Ballantyne. He has designed clothes before, not too long ago with Adidas however this range will be a little different, this is not fashion, no ,no this is a range of responsible clothes that will outlast the fads of fashion. If there's one thing I love it's pretension something Mr Starck is not lacking. It seems it may take us a few years to understand his designs but eventually intelligent people will understand. I've only been able to find this picture, its quite difficult to comment on really, it looks like a hood thats just a little too pointy to me but Philippe Starck probably knows what he's talking about, he's not been wrong yet.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Making a spectacle of yourself

Gok Wan - specs wearer extraordinaire

Now I know we've done a good few posts about specs recently but sure whats another one. And this one is important. Entries for the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition close on June 30th so if you want to be in with a chance get your entries in here asap.

As style guru Gok Wan is one of the judges of this year's competition, I have a little request for all of our reader's. If you could ask Gok just one question what would it be? Drop us an email at before June 30th and we might just get to ask Gok that question for you at the international final in October.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunshine sunshine, where did you go?

Bit late on this one. No excuse except for sheer laziness. As you know us bloggers like to brunch and our last one was particularly good fun. It was the day after i finished college FOREVER and so i was in a very good mood. We trekked out to Milano's in Dun Laoighre for some delicious pizza and treats courtesy of Benefit. Cannot recommend enough the lemon aid which works a treat for covering up any blemishes or disguising nasty hangover eyes.

As usual thanks to Annmarie for such a lovely afternoon but also thanks to Ailbhe from Blue Birds are so Natural for the very thoughtful presents she gave us.

Scarf i made from the material.

50's skirt courtesy of Ailbhe, yellow tights from George's Street Arcade and shoes from Guerrisol Paris.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Graduate

I've finally finished my exams, which menas I can now resume my regular life and no longer feel guilty if I'm more than five feet away from an economics book. I haven't even read the financial times in days. My last exam was on Wednesday, that freed my right up to enjoy the graduate exhibitions in IADT and NCAD. The buzz over in Dun Laoghaire was great, bbq, live band, booze and great design, a very good combo indeed. However a not so good combination of a trip to the dentist on Thursday morning followed by too much booze, a trip to the doctor for travel injections the next day and an evening in work left me feeling very queasy on Friday night. Probably best that I missed the opening of the NCAD exhibit, this way I had more time to mess with the clothes. There were three designers in particular that caught my eye, Demelza Buckley's pieces were perhaps my favouritist, the fabric was amazing, the pieces were wonderfully soft yet structured and there were lots of ruffles, they make me very happy.

I hope I picked up the right card and I'm right in saying that the next few pictures are of Joanne Power's work. Her jackets are fantastic, the tux jacket, oh how much do I want that jacket.I though it was inappropriate for me to try it on but I'm sure the fact that I probably couldn't move my arms because of the wonderful shoulder detail would be more than made up for by the slouchy pockets and generally great tailoring.

Clare Geraghty was right when she decided that Dubliners needed exciting rainwear for the many weeks of rain we endure throughout the year. I also really liked her necklaces that Sinead is wearing.