Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not Just Pretty Pictures

LILLIAN! I'm back! As she knows but maybe some of you don't I moved to London in August and have only just got a handle on my free time.

During some of this free time recently I went with a friend to the The Design Museum's Drawing Fashion exhibition which runs until March 6th. It is absolutely gorgeous, although it seems a shame that such beautiful illustrations are no longer used in fashion magazines. I always had a thing for fashion illustration and during a summer course in the Grafton Academy a few years ago I turned my hand to it. Not surprisingly it didn't work out but luckily my sewing skills improved dramatically. It was opened in November by one of my first fashion loves, Colin McDowell whose column for the Sunday Times Style magazine Fashion Moments was what encouraged me to start collecting the magazine all those years ago. McDowell spent ten years as a fashion designer and illustrator himself before becoming a journalist.

Perfect for a Friday afternoon, especially if you make it to Borough market for lunch. Nom.