Sunday, October 3, 2010


Now that Catherine has pissed off to London we don't really get to see each other all that often. All attempts at ringing each other have failed miserably and our emails have been pretty lame,and along the lines of 'no news today, just working,uggh I hate Dublin'. Things must change Catherine. I'm proposing that we use this fairly neglected blog as a place to swap our news, yeah?

Diversion over, I went for brunch a couple weeks ago with Cillian (actually he's written about this already and does a much better job than I will). We headed to Dolls on Emorville road, just off South Circular. 'Hmm Dolls that's a boutique right?', you're not wrong but the newer of the two Dolls boutiques also has a lovely cafe attached. 'South Circular Road that's a bit out of way?', again you're not wrong, but when you're not wrong you're only sometimes right. The location is fairly brilliant, out of the way of noisy town, filled with tourists, the residential setting makes the busy cafe seem really relaxed. Cillian likened it to Hackney, which is where you live Catherine, that's great isn't it?

I very stupidly left my camera on in my bag so the battery was dead by the time I remembered to take any pictures. You'll have to take my word for it that the eggs Benedict looked lovely and was delicious.

Really oddly, a friend of mine once lived in Dolls. Obviously before it was a boutique, back in the days when it was a ridiculously dodgy student flat with a door that couldn't lock. Sitting in the cafe downstairs was pretty funny, when I remember a drunken night trying to boil water for tea on the hob when the nob fell off and the place filled with gas.

This place is first on the list for chats and coffee when you come back for a visit.