Monday, March 30, 2009

Horay for the Postal Service!

Im not talking about the band, although much to Lillian's disgust i do love them, what i am referring to here is the system by which the bank sends you your statements and your friends overseas send you your Birthday presents. So on Wednesday morning i received a package from the lovely Charline with a new dress, an amazing hair bow and a packet of my favourite kind of french treats.

Socks from H&M and shoes from Penney's

Merci ma chèrie.


Granny fabulous

I was doing my daily blog read earlier when i came across something quite interesting on The Portmanteau. A couple of years ago my granny sent me a cheque for my birthday and i decided i wanted to buy something really special with it. So off i went to Jenny Vander, by far the best vintage shop in Dublin, to see what i could pick up. I know it can be a bit pricey on occasion but to me it's like being transported back in time to an era when everything just seemed so much more fabulous. And, they're always so lovely in there. Anyways, when i saw this particular item i knew it was exactly what i had been looking for.

The interesting thing however is that this woman (from Advanced Style) has the same bag, be it a different design. Turns out her bag is by Enid Collins an American designer from the 60's. I got very excited reading about these bags here but unfortunately i don't think mine is an original as there are no markings on it. Ah well, still very exciting though.

I have been browsing ebay and there is a great selection. She did some really great wooden box bags as well. Hello new bag obsession.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Robot chic

This lady opened Japan Fashion Week at the weekend. Watch out models, this robot is after your job!

Her body really reminds me of these Pam Hogg catsuits. Im not sure if she was trying to channel space age technology or if it's just a coincidence.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Double Duty

Rachel Ray Loves anything that you can use for more than one purpose and I'm inclined to agree with her, well why would you ever disagree with her, she has the power to make people cheer when she puts cheese in anything and it turns out shes really cool too. So instead of using this fantastic Marks and Spencers necklace for its intended purpose
I stuck it on my head and now I wear it like a crown

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stylin Specs

Unfortunately, the range of frames available in Ireland is quite poor. I have recently been exploring different options in order to get my hands on some nice frames. Ive had the same glasses for quite some time, and as they were only ever supposed to be a replacement pair after my other ones got wrecked in a rather unpleasant mugging in Barcelona a couple of years ago, im not a huge fan of them. A friend of mine gets his amazing 50's frames from ebay.


However, we are mid-recession so i decided to go for an even cheaper option, the bottom drawer in the kitchen. Just to clarify, this is where my mam keeps her stash of retro glasses and amongst them i found these. They are quite Harry Potter-esque but i love them.

My mam's old glasses.

Here she is wearing them back in the day.


Carine, j'adore

CNN: Revealed have done a profile of Carine Roitfeld and it is quite wonderful.


Fashion on your tele

Fashion TV is without a doubt the best television channel. It teaches me everything i need to know about the wonderful world of fashion and all from the comfort of my sitting room.

Recently it introduced me to Lie Sang Bong at Paris fashion week. Funnily enough, Lie is the cultural ambassador for the city of Soeul in 2010. Something i overlooked when i posted about Soeul a while back, and just another reason to love the South Korean capital.

It was the A/W 09 show that i saw and i was very impressed by the shoulders. As you see above, Carine is also a big fan of big shoulders as she wears a lot of Martin Margiela, someone who is renowned for doing great things with shape and structure. I can however, only find pictures from the Spring Summer show. Great colours, great structure and great patterns.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Try to forget brown bunny

When looking at the spring summer H&M campaign staring Vincent Gallo. Personally I find him ridiculously attractive especially in the opening scene of Bufallo 66 in those red boots when he needs to pee (I don't deny being odd) but he's an odd choice for H&M being 49 he doesn't fit too well in their young trendy brand aesthetic

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something for the weekend

Getting ready for a night out can often be better than the party you're off to. I like to stick on loud tunes that make me want to dance, prance around and figure out what I'm going to be wearing.
Unfortunately my laptop got very very sick not too long ago its better now but I did loose alot of my music, all the artists from P to T and all the mixes I had made. So yesterday when I was extremely hungover and trying to find something that would make me feel like I was doing something while still allowing me to stay in bed I decided to make a new getting ready mix so here you are. Have a nice weekend

Don't know what the download limit is so if it's been reached and you want to download it let us know.

A man's opinion: part 2

Now its Sean- I found this jumper at a party -Lynam's turn, (it's a different Sean, it just so happens that all our friends are called Sean). When asked about the fantastically odd and eclectic style of Iekeliene Stange he had this to say;

"On first impression, to pursue other-Seán's ice-cream metaphor, it appears to me that she has been grabbed by the legs by some Ben & Jerry's-loving monster, and dipped in a bowl of 100s and 1000s. Stands like a Face-space spastic. Think she mugged the glasses off Sophia from the Golden Girls.

Overall: Good."
Thanks Sean

Sunday, March 8, 2009

She's talking don't know if I want to listen

Akiko of both Comanechi and PRE fame now hasher own fashion blog over on vice. She looks very much like the insane girl from a band that she is, it's very cool London but definitely interesting to gander at. And unlike many bands that look cool their music is actually good too (possibly only if you're in the mood for something a liitle chaotic and loud). So I bet you're asking what's your problem Lil why wouldn't you just listen to her? Well unfortunately we didn't get on so well when she was here a while back playing for our old club night and I can't seem to shake the fact that I really just don't like her but that shouldn't stop you reading all her fashion musings.
Also their band tshirt is the only one I've wanted in a while but I think i's a little bit inappropriate and I just don't have enough tude to pull it off.

Very impressed by:

Kanye West at Paris Fashion week. If i ever achieve anything noteworthy in life i would be happy if it involved being part of an entourage this fabulous.



This is the show all fashion kids should know about...apparently. Smart 60's suits=très chic. Series two is on BBC at the moment at the utterly ridiculous time of 00:55 on Sundays. Some people have to get up on a Monday, silly silly people at BBC.


Sexy Shoe Lust

Love love love Jak & Jill for such amazing, voyeuristic shoe shots from fashion week. And have been seeing quite a few of these lovely Nicholas Kirkwood platforms. It's a pity conspicuous consumption is so not cool anymore. A friend once got out one of those Ulster bank €600 loans to buy a pair of Louboutins and hey if you're gonna be splashing out you might as well do it interest free. Im sure i have a tin of red paint in the shed though...recession busting chic.

Nicholas Kirkwood SS09

Kirkwood for Belstaff...aaaaamazing
from Jak & Jil

Then there is this crazy new trend. A "trying on" trip to Brown Thomas is definitely in order. Will they be even more ridiculously uncomfortable than regular sky high heels? I am quite excited to find out.

Dolce & Gabbana SS09

More insane shoes. Antonio Berardi from last year.
This isn't fashion, it's physics.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please excuse the short rant

but I'm somewhat of an angry person, not in a I punch the walls for release way but in a mah I get frustrated with stupidity easily way  usually this sort of anger is kept for particularly bad bands, MGMT in particular but today its being channeled towards the most ridiculous of the new trends for spring sumer. I'm looking forward to everyone running around wearing blocks of bright colours, flowers prints and clashing to their hearts content, however one thing I'm dreading is the sight of is the belly top. It's never been cool and it never will be cool, no matter how toned your stomach is its still not going to look good, in fact it's going to look trashy (and not in the good way).  If Carrie Bradshaw couldn't pull it off then no one else can and hopefully they'll have enough sense not to try. Thankfully Cheryl Cole was silly enough to try and so stands as a shinning example of what a horrible idea this stupid trend is. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I know it isn't really Spring until the 20th but by then ill be so worried about my dissertation that there will simply be no more time for cleaning.

Unfortunately I do not have sufficient storage for all my lovely clothes as my mom has taken over three wardrobes in our house. Or perhaps the problem is that i have too many clothes..? ha ha, of course not!

Anyway, turns out i have more than 40 pairs of shoes. Although others might think that is excessive, but i think that it's pretty impressive. They were all piled together at the bottom of my wardrobe so i did a bit of rearranging and now i can actually see them.

I also recently invested in a very nifty space saving device. It's basically just a coat rack that hangs off the back of your door. Lil has one too and they are just genius. Fantastic use of space altogether.

€15 in Argos, wonderful.

I used to keep my bags on a hanger. All, gosh 30 something of them, but then the hanger broke under the strain (not surprising really) so i had to find a solution for that too. It's amazing how much crap i had kept from when i was young, like my collection of Where's Wally? magazines and my collection of animal soaps. So, they're gone now and on their former shelf are my lovely bags.

So, when the bags were gone there was a whole extra rail in my wardrobe. Brilliant. Space to separate skirts and dresses. Ok, so it's not as good as Alicia Silverstone's wardrobe in Clueless but it'll do for now.

For those of you who havn't seen Clueless, ill have to explain about the wardrobe. It was controlled by a computer so Cher would pick out her outfit, or have the computer choose it and then her mechanical wardrobe would bring the items she needed to the very front. Genius.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well that's just pants!

I don't generally do trousers. I find them quite uncomfortable and i also think they're much less versatile than a skirt or a dress. I do however have two pairs that i really love, even though i almost never wear them.

These are my brothers old trousers that he used to wear when he worked in a pub about 5 years ago. They fit me perfectly.

White shoes from Bershka, belt stolen from mam, white top Free 'P' Star.

Then there are these amazing trousers. I bought these for €25 at the Toe Jam carboot sale during the summer from a designer called Heidi Walsh. She won the DIT Young Designer of the Year competition in 2005. Worn with my bowler hat they remind me a little of Charlie Chaplin.

White shoes as above and dress worn as top from H&M.