Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Think Pink

I love this clip from Audrey Hepburn's 1957 film Funny Face, it came to mind as I recently received a gift of Clarins Rouge Prodige Miami Pink lipstick. A very Barbi doll colour that I never would have thought to buy for myself but is actually really nice on.


Blog Friendly

Stephen from Stitches/Fabric/and Soul stopped me recently in town for this picture. Really nice guy and nice blog too.


Irish Examiner Millinery Shoot

These are the pictures from the shoot that I recently had the pleasure of assisting Annmarie with.

All jewellery by Boodles, hats by Philip Treacy, Edel Ramburg, Tootsie Royale, Linda McKay, Sarah Mc Gahon and Brett O'Mahony from Covet, lace headpiece from A Rubanesque, shoes by Nini DiVito, Mahnolo Blahnik and Miu Miu, gloves from glovedup.com and Jenny Vander, red silk wrap and black organza bolero both worn as collars by Bonzie Crotty.

Styling: Annmarie O'Connor
Photography: Miki Barlok
Hair: Susan Corcoran @ John Geaney for Hair
Make-up: Kate O'Reilly
Location: The Westbury Hotel


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poster Girl

I'm probably a bit late with this one, but after a trip down to Kildare Village with my mom last week I have fallen in love with the Bernard Villemot prints for Bally. Bernard Villemot did the Bally advertising campaigns back in the 80's, and created 'The Bally Blonde' that you see in the first picture. Now, I might be wrong but as far as I can tell the collection came out this time last year and included a range of bags, shoes and scarves all with 'The Bally Blonde'. It was one of the bowling bags that I spotted in the shop in Kildare Village. The print is so colourful and the patent leather edging makes a nice contrast. It's also, at 50% off, ridiculously good value.


Addicted To Little Luxuries

So here we are again, another Chanel nail varnish. This one is part of the summer collection of pop colours which include Riviera, a perfect summer pink, and Mistral, a candyfloss colour with a tiny bit of sparkle. I am new to high fashion beauty products. I only wear make up that you would find in your local supermarket and I still buy my shampoo in the pound shop. However, I have recently fallen victim to an excellent marketing strategy-limited availability. There is something about the exclusivity of these colours that gets me. It's not as if I couldn't get my hands on an identical version in Urban Outfitters or American Apparel (both shops do great selections of coloured varnish), but I don't want the imitation, I want the Chanel. I know this is a very common strategy for most high-end products, one of the building blocks of luxury brands is that they are exclusive, but I can only participate at this level. My dress might be from Penney's, but my nails are always Chanel.