Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eye Maxx

After a good six months of searching for a new pair of glasses, on a shopping adventure to TK Maxx with my mam last Thursday I finally found them. I had no idea that TK Maxx sold frames and so it was a nice surprise when i spotted these Chloe frames amongst the sunglasses, but it was an even nicer surprise when I saw that they were marked down from €300 to just €70. BARGAIN.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion Force

I often see pictures of this very fierce group of people parading around Paris during fashion week and always wondered who they were. According to Jak & Jil, they are the team behind the online magazine MYKROMAG. Interesting content and great design. Well worth a look.


James Franco for Gucci

I had high hopes for the new Gucci by Gucci campaign starring the gorgeous James Franco with Roisin Murphy covering Bryan Ferry's "Slave to Love". However, Franco just doesn't look as good as usual and the music just does not do it for me. Disappointing.

Eye Spy

Our good friend Philip over at Fieldwork brought some very fabulous sunglasses to our attention recently. Oliver Peoples, the L.A. eye wear brand, has recruited the lovely Zooey Deschanel for their 2009 ad campaign. She might have been utterly useless in The Happening, but she does make a very good fashion icon.

Below is the ridiculously stylish ad directed by Autumn de Wilde and also starring the very handsome Matt Costa.

The collection is available online here. Id like to say they make a nice change from Ray Ban wayfarers but it just so happens that they look the exact same, hmm. Very nice selection of colours though it has to be said. But, for 250 quid im not entirely sure they're worth it.

- Catherine

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is not a post about fashion

But i do think it will interest a lot of you anyway. lecool Dublin launches today and is guaranteed to make your social life better. Dublin is deadly.

“She’d be driving a 4×4 through streets jammed and narrow, crying croissants and muffins alive, alive o!”

Illustration by Keith Walsh

- Catherine

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No 5 on film

The new Chanel No 5 film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring the lovely Audrey Taotou, can be watched here. It is not as amazing as i expected but i think the very attractive love interest makes up for it a little bit.

Cannot wait for Coco Avant Chanel to be released here. I havn't been this excited about a film in ages.

- Catherine

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shop Girl

When im not busy being a student I am a girl who works in a shop. And a very nice shop at that. But the problem with working in a very nice shop, is lusting after a very large pile of wonderful clothes that I cannot afford. My favourite label at the moment has to be Rodebjer. Although Carin Rodebjer is Swedish she began designing in her apartment in New York and started being stocked in shops throughout the city after being spotted on the street wearing one of her pieces. This season's collection is very Parisian chic, which as you all i know, i absolutely love anything even mildly Parisian. Keeping on the Parisian theme, the lookbook was shot by the wonderful Yvan Rodic of Facehunter. Love love love.

Rodebjer Spring/Summer 2009 available at Indigo & Cloth, Basement 27, South William Street, Dublin 2.

- Catherine

A Gap in the market

I don't know about you but I've been noticing an awful lot of Gap posters about the place lately, there are far too many smiling children staring at me from bus stops around the city. It seems they're all very happy about the new Gap store opening in Dundrum. I can't lie, I love Gap a little bit, I found the perfect pair of capri pants their not too long ago and if I ever need a basic classic then I head off to Arnott's. I'm off to India for the summer this year and the problem I always have when I'm travelling is that I really don't have anything thats appropriate. I spent last summer climbing in and out of trains in Russia wearing dresses or jeans that are far too hot. I knew this year I'd have to be sensible but look like crap. Until Catherine told me that I shouldn't give in so easy, she told me to try the whole foreign correspondent look. Which to me means an oxford blue shirt and some khakis. Where else would a girl go for khakis but the Gap of course. Thankfully the new collaboration with Alexander Wang out on 16th of July will most certainly do the job.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Master and Commander

It's officially the first day of summer, yay and we're having the first bbq of the season tomorrow. Along with the paddling pool, mojito's, pimm's and lemonade and of course the lovely food we'll need to be sorting out our eyewear. Not too long ago xpose (should I admit I watch it sometimes or is that uncool?) did a great segmnent on sunglasses for the upcoming season and ever since I've been trying to find an affordable version of the clubmaster by Rayban. I'm afraid Rayban are generally too expensive for me (I'm only a poor student) and I only have my Wayfarers because they were a pressie. I didn't have to look too long before I found a cheap version anyway. These guys from are on their way to my for a tenner, noice.

If you wanna be cool like this guy and wear the coloured glasses rather than the tortoise shell head over to they've got a good selection of colours

All Over American Apparel

I know it's so over done, and what with the shop opening soon it's going to be just like when Skins vomited all over Dublin. But, in saying that, i was having a bit of a browse on the website earlier and was very impressed with some of the new stock.

A hooded swimsuit. Genius idea, and would look great with high waisted pants.

Another perfect super tight mini-dress. It kind of reminds me of what an ice skater might wear. Ill be Torvill and you can be Dean.

Bodysuits, they look amazing, but whatever you do, don't go drinking in one.


Craft hour

I've finally finished all my essays for the year and with exams still a few weeks away I have some time for arts and crafts. Thankfully some jewelry designers have been fairly accommodating and have designed some pieces I can try out myself.

Maria Lau a graduate from London's Royal College of Art, uses semi-precious stones braided in nude stockings. That's definitely something I can do (except for the semi precious stones bit, I'll probably just use fake plastic ones) and a genius way to use up all of my ripped tights that I can't wear anymore.

Obviously not everyone enjoys arts and crafts so you can buy the necklaces here if you like

I also very much like Sabrina Dehoff's unification pieces. Also of the Royal College of Art, after stints at Guy Laroche and Lanvin shes now teaching us how to come together through jewelry. Thats nice of her.

Again you can buy most of her collection here if you'd prefer.

Matchy matchy

On a recent trip to Penneys I picked up a fantastic new umbrella (fiver, bargain!) that matches my hat box perfectly. Cue trips to the seaside in Sinead's 2CV looking very 1930's.

I got this hatbox in a shop in Stockholm for only €35. It's amazing and even has a little mirror in the inside.