Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homemade Treats

A very good friend of mine is working on a project that I am very excited about. It's a food and home magazine called Homemade by Clodagh that will be published by celebrity chef Clodagh McKenna. The first edition will be out December 9th. From the looks of this picture I am going to absolutely adore reading this on my mornings off with a nice cup of tea.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Passion for FASHION

The December issue of Stellar is out today and guess who's in it? Me! And lots of other lovely fashion bloggers too.

Please excuse the pictures, my camera isn't the best.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Calendar Planning

For those of you who have been spending a little too much time at home in front of the telly or in work, I have a nice little list of things you could be doing that are way more fun.

1 First off is the exhibition of CHANEL fine jewellery in Brown Thomas that is running from tomorrow until the 15th. As I have a bit of a weakness for jewellery and all things Chanel I will be there first thing.

2 When you're done browsing in Brown Thomas, you can head to the new Re-dress event, Re-connect in the Stag's Head from 7-9pm to learn a little bit about ecological fashion. Kellie Dalton will be giving a talk 'Fashion Evolution - A Revolution of Consciousness' which is guaranteed to be both stylish and interesting.

3 Last night I was at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Screen cinema. To celebrate their anniversary, and their switch over to digital, they are screening classic musicals that you wouldn't otherwise get the chance to see on the big screen. Last nights showing was Singin' in the Rain but future screenings include The Wizard of Oz, An American in Paris and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

4 And lastly, another Re-dress event that I am really looking forward to is the French Frillies Workshop on November 24th from 7-9pm in Pygmalion. Tickets for the event are €20 but this includes cocktails and all materials needed for your fabulous new knickers. For those of you who can't come along but are lusting after some pretty new smalls, Lady Jane's Lingerie from Etsy are homemade but without the hassle of doing it all yourself.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Could it be true?Is Dublin Cool now?

I was hoping that the recession would up our cool levels. I mean there are bloody loads of graduates that can't get jobs doing boring things that suck all the fun out of them, instead everyone's on the dole and so have plenty of time to think of deadly things to do with all that free time. Turns out I wasn't completely wrong and of late Dublin has been convincing me that it's not such an awful place to live. First up was the opening of the Exchange, officially open for just over a week it's already put on plenty of excellent events. We headed down to watch a great documentary We Fun about the Atlanta music scene and I was back again a few days later to catch No Age play a very loud Sunday afternoon set.
If it wasn't for the exchange I'd think Dublin wasn't really getting deadlier just that we're very good at celebrating Halloween. My local park had a haunted walk through the forest followed by a firework display

Then we headed to town for the latest Young Hearts Run Free event. An odd basement in Clarendon street was perfect lots of odd tunnels to even odder rooms, bands, couches, a film room and djs oh wait and it was all for charity even better.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Picture Perfect

Last Saturday I took part in a very exciting shoot for Stellar magazine on fashion bloggers. Fashion editor Corina Gaffney organised it all and the pictures were shot by Lili Forberg.

It was a very nice way to spend a Saturday morning and we got to meet lots of other lovely fashion bloggers; Jessica from Get Your Frocks, Arsheen from Fashion Filosofy, Zohra from Ophelia Ford, Blanaid and Laura from The Style Bitches, Laura from Whisty and Leonn from Cosmo Sparkle.

The feature will appear in the December issue of the magazine so you should definitely go out and buy a copy.