Friday, July 31, 2009

Fabric Fun

Late yesterday evening I got a text message from my (very thoughtful) Mom telling me to go straight to Murphy Sheehy in the morning and have a look at the new designer fabric they were getting in. And I must say I was very impressed. Prada, Armani, Missoni and Roberto Cavalli fabrics for as little as €15 per metre.

Missoni coat fabric.


Left: Missoni €22 per metre and Right: Prada €15 per metre.

These are the two I went for in the end. I have no idea what I am going to do with them yet but I couldn't just leave them there so I'm sure ill think of something.


Dress Disaster

Last week I went to the Dubliner of the Year party in the Merrion, but for some reason i had a bout of outfit anxiety. I don't think i have ever been so worried about what i was going to wear to an event, i found it easier to decide what to wear to my debs than i have for this occasion. And, it is not for lack of planning. The previous week i headed into town and bought some lovely silk in Murphy Sheehy to make a dress that was going very well until two days before when i had to admit defeat and start looking for something else to wear. Although the dress i was making looked lovely on my dress makers mannequin, it somehow managed to look absolutely crap on me.

So I ended up doing a mad dash around town on the day trying to find something and in the end i picked up this lovely pink dress in Zara for only €14.99. I haven't worn pink in years but I think I am coming around to it again. I wore my studded belt that I had from when I was younger and wore baggy jeans just to take away from the prettiness of the pink a bit and my white shoes are from Bershka ages ago.

Me looking a little bit uncomfortable, photo by Leon Farrell, more of those here.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


American Apparel's first store in Dublin will open it's doors at 10am tomorrow morning. It is the world's biggest AA and will stock all the usual as well as some of their California select vintage. After my first trip to Ikea earlier today i am really looking forward to popping in tomorrow and topping off my exciting retail week (i got a lovely new chair in Ikea for only 20 notes-home decoration swoon). I am particularly excited about trying on all the new micro-mesh stuff.

I also cannot help but be very curious about who will be working there, and if they can get me a discount.


Friday, July 24, 2009


Things have been a bit slow on the blog front for the last while i have been coming to terms with going solo. Lillian has packed up and headed off to India for the Summer and has left me to look after things all by myself. I have been in the process of organising a bit of a re-design for the blog which with a bit of luck i will be able to unveil at the beginning of August. Exciting stuff.


Bright Lights, Big City

Photo of H&H Bagels from the New York Times.

I am off to New York for a few days in September and as it's my first time i welcome any suggestions on places to shop, eat (i am so excited about the food, loads of bagels and pancakes-yum yum) and hang out. I'm not too bothered about the usual stuff like the Empire State Building, but if any you guys have any suggestions for things to do that are a little bit different, it would be much appreciated.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life before fashion

Top, Gabrielle in 1909 and bottom, in 1935.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to go and see Coco avant Chanel on Tuesday morning (thanks Neil) before it is released here on July 31st. I really was ridiculously excited about this film and i think that's the reason why i was a little bit disappointed by it. In saying that, it is a great biopic and Audrey Tautou really is wonderful as Coco. I was so intrigued by Chanel's life that i headed off to the library yesterday and picked up The World of Coco Chanel by Edmonde-Charles Roux.

In other exciting Chanel news, this new colour will be launched in October.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Image

When i think of Clarks, i think of those great little devices they used to use to measure my feet whenever i needed a new pair of patent Mary Janes when i was little. But unfortunately i haven't owned a pair of those Mary Janes since my mom stopped buying all my clothes. Clarks was just one of those shops that seemed a bit old-fashioned and boring. That was until there image revamp in 2001. Nice (comfortable) shoes and a good advertising campaign have allowed the company to maintain there position, along with Reebok and Nike, as one of the biggest shoe brands in the world.

As i have recently started back in a job that requires me to stand for long periods of time, i needed a pair of shoes that were comfortable and pretty. And hey presto, for only €27.50 (reduced from €70) my lovely new Clarks Mary Janes. They really are the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned.


Bags of deliciousness

I received the Ben & Jerry's canvas bag in the post last week from the lovely Matt (thank you) and thought i would pop it up here for you all to see. The gorgeous Sarah McCall designed my particular bag but illustrator Chris Judge and photographer Richard Gilligan are also involved. The bags were designed for the launch of Ben and Jerry's new fair trade Chocolate Macadamia-yummers. They are available at BT2, Urban Outfitters and Circus store and gallery. You can also have a gander over on their facebook page here.


Fashion games

Every once in a while eBay send me an email with a lovely list of new items from my favourite sellers. And every time the email arrives i am amazed by the pieces offered by Playground Vintage. It is clear this girl has a very keen eye, as well as sewing ability because many of the items are great 80's prom dresses that have been adjusted to a more modern length. It's a little more pricey than what most people are used to on ebay, these dresses are at €23 and €29 respectively, but for what you're getting i think it's probably worth it.


Beauty Bargains? Yes please.

I was out in Liffey Valley the other day getting lenses for my lovely glasses and came across a great new shop that had just opened called Inglot. Apparently it is part of a cosmetics chain that has branches in Canada and Australia and has recently started to expand their business. I was so impressed by the range of colours, it's like being in MAC but actually being able to afford to buy more than just one eye shadow. I would highly recommend making the trip out to Liffey Valley just for this.



So super excited about this:


Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Hair, Old Style

When it comes to women i admire, i was never quite able to separate great women from their great hairstyles, and that's why Mary Quant and Isabella Blow have always been style idols of mine. These are two women whose hairstyles i have been replicating for years, from Sassoon's cocoon style to a more classic bob.

Apparently Quant's cut was so precise that it took a simple shake of her head after a shower for the hair to fall into place.

Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon

And the late Isabella Blow

Then there's me, and my first precision haircut. Photo taken by Dan Dennison way back in 2007.

And then the very poor quality webcam shot of today's new haircut.

The lovely Marina at Styleclub on South William Street cuts my hair and she is amazing.