Monday, December 22, 2008

Post-college therapy

After a very difficult week in college, i decided on Thursday to go and treat myself. Lately ive been spending a good bit of money on fairly poor quality nail varnish, and have consistently been disappointed with the colour so, i decided it was time to give in and go Chanel.

The colour is the unmistakeable rouge noir, the perfect mix of red and black and after four days of wear there are no signs of chipping. It was 10% off in Debenhams, the only place it wasn't sold out and just €18, the price of two bottles of No7 that will undoubtedly disappoint.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jewellery Dreams

I read about a new jewellery shop in this morning's Irish Times that myself and Lillian went to check out this afternoon. I think i can safely say that it's my new favourite shop in Dublin. They stock a great selection of American designer Kenneth Jay Lane who i absolutely adore. There are cocktail rings, and then there are these beautiful creations. Rebecca Davis stocks only one or two of each piece so that there's no worry that someone else will be wearing the same ring. Another great bonus is that these rings are adjustable and extremly affordable, just over €100. She also has a great website where you can have a little browse.

Rebecca Davis, Unit 27, Westbury Mall, Dublin 2.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Style, No Substance?

My hair is very important to me. Im very particular about how i like it. But i am very unfortunate when it comes to hairdressers. We had found who i would like to refer to as my "hairdresser for life" but then, she moved back to Australia, then i moved to Paris and fell in love with the amazing hairdresser just two doors up, and then i moved back home and unfortunately don't have the money to go back and forth just to get my hair done, which might seem a bit excessive. So ive been roaming around Dublin looking for the replacement. I decided to try out Style Club, must say i was swayed by the 20% discount as i hadn't heard much talk about the place.

When i arrived they offered me an amazing selection of tea, coffee, green tea and water. They also gave me a little card to fill out to describe what i wanted done, whether or not i was feeling brave and most interestingly there was a little box to tick if i was going on holidays. So no annoying questions.

Even though i love gimmicks, i hate the decor. It seems to me that they want to blind you to such an extent that you don't notice how they cut your hair. However, one of the things that i really loved was the massaging chair, free massage with your haircut, yes please.

And so the result, me looking very serious with lovely new hair.


Fashion Bird in a Cage

Im so excited about our impending trip to Antwerp that i decided i should make some amazing new clothes for the trip. Must look uber fabulous in such a chic city. I also thought that id probably be doing a very large amount of shopping while we're there so i copied Susie Bubble's wonderfull cage skirt by Angie Montreal. I would love to have an original but it's the "big R" after all. Just a few euro's worth of grosgrain and about an hours work, lovely.
Great for holiday packing, it's so small that id say i could probably fit it in my wallet.

Over some AA, it's all about the cage.

Bit fancier over fringed H&M top, black sequined UO hotpants and white Charnos holdups.

Also, must mention the amazing hotel we'll be staying in, it used to be a cardinal's residence and has an art deco wing.

I can just imagine us all sitting around sipping tea in the drawing room. Yay, holidays!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Fashion Fantasies

On the subject of Christmas lists, i actually didn't think i wanted that many things this year, but it turned out i was wrong.

Camper shoes.

Linda Farrow for Jeremy Scotts sun glasses.
Photo from ponystep.

American Apparel disco pants, in black.

Kenneth Jay Lane cocktail ring from net-a-porter.

Opera length gloves from J.Crew.

Please and thanks.