Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Our Birthday

When Lillian and I were at the Blogger's Brunch in BT2 on Saturday and we were chatting to some new blogger's we realised that it was Offshoots 1st Birthday. To think it almost passed us by. So well done us and thanks to you lovely people for reading.

-Lillian and Catherine

(picture from icanhascheezburger, nothing to do with fashion whatsoever, but very very cute)

New buys and NY finds

NY Finds:

1) Skirt AA and cardi UO.
2) Dress AA, shoes Buffalo Exchange, East Village.
3) Jacket UO.
I especially love the studs on the pockets.
4) Dress Beacon's Closet, Brooklyn and belt (worn as necklace) Amacord.
New Buys:

1) Old Navy trench Wa Wa Dundrum.
I got this trench for only €20, bargain! And it has lovely baby blue lining.
2) Dunnes tights Wa Wa Dundrum.
I think these are great. Original packaging and everything, but you miss the lycra.
3) Jacket A/Wear.
I got a great black blazer with structured shoulders in A/Wear the other week but it's in work at the moment so i will have to get back to you with some pictures.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So so cold

The worst thing about being back in Dublin is how bloody cold I am all the time. Even at home with the heating on I still end up wearing a jumper and under a blanket before I feel warm. Thats why this scarf I bought in Darjeeling is quite possibly the best buy ever. For only 2 quid, is it a blanket is it a scarf? It's both. We've already had the jegging and a bunch of other stupid combinations but I have a feeling this one is a winner.
While away in India I also discovered a brilliant knew way of wearing scarves. I actually so a guy in a bar in Antwerp wearing a scarf like this but thought it would be way to nerdy to ask him how he did it. So I give you an instructional pictorial.
First double the scarf over.

After sticking it round your neck put one of the loose ends through the loop like so.

Now get the other bit of the scarf and bring it through the bottom part of the loop.
If I was better with computers I could have made a gif for you but I'm not so I'm afraid this is all you get. Writing instructions is more difficult than I thought.

Thanks Nannny

Like all good old people my nanny lives in a bungalow which means her attic is huge but frankly I've always been too lazy and far too scared to go up there. Which was silly of me because it always seemed like all her best old clothes were up there. I only found that out when someone less lazy than me went up to investigate. I was well happy when I popped in for tea one afternoon to find a pile of clothes with my name on it. Of course it was all the crazy clothes my relatives knew I would like I'll post more of my great finds soon but first for my new favourite bag. A mixture of holiday/old lady tac I've been running around with this bag for the last few weeks as proud as punch that it was my nanny's bag she got when she was off on a pilgrimage to the holy land. The bubble burst when my lovely friend Saoirse asked me if I got it in Urban Outfitters ' No Nanny brought this back from the Holy Land'. If UO have stolen this design I'm very displeased. Can any one else cooberate Saoirse's story about UO selling these? cos if not I'm going to assume shes saying this to annoy me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Run Forest Run

Runners are a bit of a sore point for me. I very rarely want to spend any money on such terrible foot wear but I feel like I should keep a pair around just in case I decide to go for a run or way more likely that I'm off to the country and don't want to wreck any of my nice shoes. I threw out my last pair of runners because I didn't want them taking up all that space in my bag on the way home from India, that and the sole had properly fallen right off (I don't expect much better from four quid penney's runners). So I'm thinking I might have to buy a new pair just to have in case I decide maybe to do some exercise. Thankfully the brillers band No Age have designed new runners for Emerica. Now I know they're fairly plain and grey but to be honest thats exactly what I want from a pair of runners something really non offensive (this excludes the crazy Marty McFly runners I bought a few years back they were great), also theres the cool points involved in owning No Age runners. They're also playing both Whelans and the Exchange on the 24th of October although these probably won't be on the merch stand.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fashion Palpitations

We're not really into posting pictures from the shows on here mostly because you can get better information and more importantly, pictures, elsewhere. But there are times when I am so overtaken by a show that i cannot resist. And, i think the Victor & Rolf ss 10 show at Paris Fashion Week is maybe the best collection i have ever seen. The cut-out dresses, the colour palette, the baggy trousers and the perfect little jackets. I just LOVE it all.

All pictures from style.com


Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello everyone, I've finally returned from India and I picked up some great news during my first night out since I got home. Word on the street is that the sartorialist will be in Dublin next weekend most definitely for a book signing and possibly taking some photees. As I said this news was picked up while chatting to his assistant in the smoking garden of a club so I don't know all the details for sure but I'll most certainly get back to you if I find anything else out. In the meantime start planning your outfits so you can appear effortlessly stylish and chic in case you run in to him over the weekend.
I apologise that my first post back was so short and very very vague.