Friday, August 14, 2009

Old friends, New hobbies

My oldest friend came to me last week with a request to have some sewing done. Nothing unusual there. That was until she told me that she needed it for a competition she was entering-Ireland's Next Top Burlesque Star. She is a very brave woman, and her bravery paid off when she scooped third place for her solo act at the Morrison Hotel last Saturday. Congratulations Binne.



Binne said...

Thanks for the mention, you doll faced doll, you. The dress pulled off a treat. I think I should at this point out, for fear of seeming ungrateful, that I would have been just a girl in undies singing on a stage, without my mini-brass section, my lovely assistants' shapely legs, and an enthusiastic family. I still would have been a girl in undies, but you know.

Charline said...

is she on the picture??
i think it's great, we rarely see say about this but its so glamour!

blogee said...

She is the one on the right in the first two and the only woman in the last one. I think you're right, they look fabulous!