Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Could it be true?Is Dublin Cool now?

I was hoping that the recession would up our cool levels. I mean there are bloody loads of graduates that can't get jobs doing boring things that suck all the fun out of them, instead everyone's on the dole and so have plenty of time to think of deadly things to do with all that free time. Turns out I wasn't completely wrong and of late Dublin has been convincing me that it's not such an awful place to live. First up was the opening of the Exchange, officially open for just over a week it's already put on plenty of excellent events. We headed down to watch a great documentary We Fun about the Atlanta music scene and I was back again a few days later to catch No Age play a very loud Sunday afternoon set.
If it wasn't for the exchange I'd think Dublin wasn't really getting deadlier just that we're very good at celebrating Halloween. My local park had a haunted walk through the forest followed by a firework display

Then we headed to town for the latest Young Hearts Run Free event. An odd basement in Clarendon street was perfect lots of odd tunnels to even odder rooms, bands, couches, a film room and djs oh wait and it was all for charity even better.


homebug said...

Yup, Dublin does seem to be getting its act together in the coolness stakes - hopefully it sticks! Your costumes are rad by the way!

Marta Represa said...

Of course Dublin in cool!