Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some girls love Gucci

I don't normally like it, but some of the jewellery really surprised me.

Pink sapphires, yes please.

This is a terrible picture, the necklace is much nicer in real life, i am quite attached to it in work, if only i didn't have to leave it behind me when i go. And it's a lovely warm yellow as well.

We had this ring in amethyst too and it's even nicer than this yellow quartz. Lovely.

They also used to do a collection of coloured stones as little insects - there is a picture here from a piece on sale on ebay, that was amazing but as far as i know it's been discontinued. What a pity.



Anonymous said...

I dont like Gucci bags but I would accept that ring any day.

Aideen McCole said...

Hey you guys! I nominated you for some Irish Blog Awards - fingers crossed!


blogee said...

That was very cheeky of you Aideen, but also very nice.