Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

Our lovely room

The breakfast room

I meant to post about the hotel I stayed in when I was in Paris back in February but of course it slipped my mind. Better late than never I suppose. Hotel Arvor is the first hotel i've stayed in in Paris because generally when I visit I stay with friends but I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is not only very good value but it's in a great location and is also wonderfully stylish. Breakfast is not included and is pricey enough at €11 but considering we only paid €400 for four nights it certainly wouldn't break the bank. It's properly cool too, We Have Band were being interviewed in the lobby when we arrived and Marina of Marina and the Diamonds was checking in as we were leaving.



Charline said...

WE HAVE BAND were back in this exact hotel this week, i saw them monday for an interview:)

Raindrops said...

This hotel looks amazing! I love the photos.