Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Style Crush

I won't lie to you, it's not just a style crush - I think I am in love with Carey Mulligan.

First, she was in Pride and Prejudice, which i love.

And then she was in An Education which is not only a great film but also full of wonderful outfits, like this one.

Then she continued to turn up to events wearing some fabulous dresses, like this one she wore to the Directors Guild Awards.

And this one to the Oscars. The embellishments are little knives and scissors.

And this one to the BAFTAS.

Then she did leather for the Independent Spirit Awards.

Then she did this shoot for Wonderland magazine. Which is AMAZING.

And now i want to look just like her.



Anonymous said...

O my god are you going to go blonde? Do it!
- Saoirse

blogee said...

Now i don't know about the blonde, i'm pretty sure i lived out all my blonde urges through Anna, but i do love her haircut.