Monday, June 6, 2011

Out Of Date

I cannot believe I only found this now. I did this for Anna Kealey's Puking Rainbows zine two summers ago but never actually saw the finished product. Until today that is. Jamie Saunders blog is exceptional, and not just because of this. Find out a little more about the project here.



Ruby Aroha said...

Cool post, i was wondering if maybe we could follow each others blogs? :)

The Laugh Giraffe said...

ahahaha thats funny, looks like something you'd see at urban outfitters or something.

Cristina said...

These are pretty awesome! I can't believe we haven't seen something like this blog.

jill said...

haha this is great! I live in santa cruz, and there are hipsters evverrryywhere.

x. jill

Anonymous said...

I love this post I want to play! :-)

your new follower


Natasja said...

This is cute! <3