Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poster Girl

I'm probably a bit late with this one, but after a trip down to Kildare Village with my mom last week I have fallen in love with the Bernard Villemot prints for Bally. Bernard Villemot did the Bally advertising campaigns back in the 80's, and created 'The Bally Blonde' that you see in the first picture. Now, I might be wrong but as far as I can tell the collection came out this time last year and included a range of bags, shoes and scarves all with 'The Bally Blonde'. It was one of the bowling bags that I spotted in the shop in Kildare Village. The print is so colourful and the patent leather edging makes a nice contrast. It's also, at 50% off, ridiculously good value.


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Wardrobe Wars said...

Love the Bally brand and these prints especially. I too saw the bag in Kildare Village and fell in love. It's so quirky and eye-catching. It demands attention!

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