Friday, October 31, 2008

Im not into sports but...

I have always had a love for ridiculous sports clothing. I have a great woolen vest that is very golf chic. But lately Myself and Lil have taken quite a keen interest in horse attire. Well, Lil took a keen interest and i quickly followed suit. Think the Queen in Barbour, waxed leather, riding jackets. It's something we like to call regal chic.
Lil managed to pick up this great waxed jacket when she was working at the horse show a while back, its surprisingly soft and also incredibly stylish.

So yesterday when i was avoiding going to college i came across the most amazing green velvet riding jacket in the Harrlequin, down from €180 to €90. It's just perfect. Perfect size, perfect colour, perfect little buttons. I found a similar one on ebay.

Dolce & Gabanna Autumn/Winter 2009


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blogee said...

Lidl go a pretty great waxed jacket for 30 notes, comes in green and navy.
Not as great as Lil's but pretty deadly for 30 notes.
Me da bought me one the other day, "for when it rains" he said.