Friday, October 31, 2008

For one night only

I love Halloween. You can dress as outrageously as you want and nobody bats an eyelid. Ive been working on my costume for two weeks now and am so eager to go and put it all together that im actually having a bit of trouble focusing on writing this. As i have a bit of an obsession with white face powder, every year i try and pick a character that means ill be able to paint my face white. China doll, Geisha, and this year, Pierrot. Because its a friends birthday party tonight everyone i know is putting in that extra bit of effort. I spent all day Monday sewing a hat for a Smurfette and making dress alterations for the Queen of hearts.

I went to the Lash Bar in Powerscourt Shopping Centre the other day to pick up some eyelashes that i had seen in the window. They have nothing whatsoever to do with my costume but they are just so amazing i couldn't resist. For what i consider a quite reasonable €15 i got a beautiful pair of reusable (if you don't loose them that is) black feather lashes. Fabulous.

And, i know its not just me, all week there has been a queue at least 20 strong outside the joke shop on South King Street every time i passed by. It's a recession and everyone is miserable so they've decided to go all out and have a deadly time. The more the merrier i say, just don't eat too many sweets.


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Charline Lecarpentier said...

wonderful outfit!
you didnt tell me bout that blog!