Friday, October 31, 2008

Say it again...Repetto

Speaking of different kinds of attire, i did ballet for 10 years and to this day am still utterly in love with all kinds of ballet clothes. I remember my mom taking me to Dance World in Ranelagh when i was little to get my uniform and just thinking it was the greatest place on earth. I still wear my pig skin ballet slippers that i had when i quit back in 2000.

So when i was living in Paris, there was the most wonderfull dance shop on my way to college. I have never had shoe lust so badly as when i saw a tiny pair of gold sparkly lace-up jazz shoes sitting on top of a box in the window. Bear in mind that this was before jazz lace-ups were absolutely everywhere and finding a pair was quite a challenge. The shoes were Repetto, a french company that caters for ballerinas, but chic French women have been wearing their tidy little pumps for years.

Because i was a poor student at the time i was not in a financial position to spend €100 on a pair of shoes that you cannot wear outside or even out in general as they have a delicate suede sole. Just imagining what a spilled pint of beer would do to these wonderfull shoes just fills me with horror.They have a great website where you can download their catalogue and see the amazing range of colours.

Some nice pictures of the Repetto store at 22 Rue de la Paix, 75002, Paris from Notes by Naive.

Even though i am still a poor student i have finally decided to welcome a pair of Repettos into my wardrobe. I will be taking a trip to Dance World to enquire whether or not they can help me. Fingers crossed.


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