Monday, December 22, 2008

Post-college therapy

After a very difficult week in college, i decided on Thursday to go and treat myself. Lately ive been spending a good bit of money on fairly poor quality nail varnish, and have consistently been disappointed with the colour so, i decided it was time to give in and go Chanel.

The colour is the unmistakeable rouge noir, the perfect mix of red and black and after four days of wear there are no signs of chipping. It was 10% off in Debenhams, the only place it wasn't sold out and just €18, the price of two bottles of No7 that will undoubtedly disappoint.



Anonymous said...

oh for pete's sake what is wrong with my nails. i made the same decision and forked out 19 euro for chanel blue satin while in Paris and it still wont last more than a day. good grief.


blogee said...

You need at least two coats. I find that three gives the best colour and staying power.

Jade said...

agh chanel nail polishes are my sick guilty pleasure. They chip really badly if I don't use a topcoat... but I literally buy one every time they release a new colour. Can't stop.