Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fashion Bird in a Cage

Im so excited about our impending trip to Antwerp that i decided i should make some amazing new clothes for the trip. Must look uber fabulous in such a chic city. I also thought that id probably be doing a very large amount of shopping while we're there so i copied Susie Bubble's wonderfull cage skirt by Angie Montreal. I would love to have an original but it's the "big R" after all. Just a few euro's worth of grosgrain and about an hours work, lovely.
Great for holiday packing, it's so small that id say i could probably fit it in my wallet.

Over some AA, it's all about the cage.

Bit fancier over fringed H&M top, black sequined UO hotpants and white Charnos holdups.

Also, must mention the amazing hotel we'll be staying in, it used to be a cardinal's residence and has an art deco wing.

I can just imagine us all sitting around sipping tea in the drawing room. Yay, holidays!



Charline said...

my god that hotel...
we should stay one day more just for a photo session with all the clothes we're going to buy in antwerp

arsheen said...

cute skirt!