Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bienvenue à la mode

This weekend I welcomed my first pair of "fashion" shoes into my wardrobe. On a post-Fashion Blogger's Brunch wander around town with Lillian and Cillian of Male Mode we popped into Circus where I found these wonderful wedges.

Now, on a normal day I would try these on and leave disappointed that I couldn't buy everything I want. But on this particular day, these particular shoes were only €50. Not that I really have €50 to be spending on shoes but seeing as they were originally €265 and the fact that they are actually very comfortable, I couldn't leave without them. Also, the Sunday Times Style magazine had an entire page dedicated to "Bold Wedges" the next day. Exciting.

They are by an Australian brand that I was previously unfamiliar with called Life with Bird. It is the work of photographer and fashion stylist Bridget Mc Call and fashion design graduate Nicholas Van Messner who have been working together since 2002.

Thanks again to Annmarie and Saba for a wonderful lunch on Saturday and to the people from Yes to Carrots for keeping our skin nice and soft.



Charline said...

theyre amazing and 50euros is close to the price of useless heels in h&m
we need a picture of you wearing them now

yam said...

200+ down to 50?? That's a great bargain and it would have been a sin to go out of the store without the pair.

neil said...

it had to be shoe.