Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you know us you know that Catherine is infinitely more classy than me. That's why while she's recently gone back to ballet I've taken up a less wholesome skill, pole dancing to be exact. Now it's not like I've started stripping for money, they do pole dancing classes at the local gym and it sounded like a bit of fun. Since we've both started dancing it seemed only right that we take a trip to the local dance world (it was a very hungover and unpleasant trip). Catherine got very excited about a new pair of ballet shoes and I managed to find half price leotards (or leotarts as my mam says). After a bit of a struggle in the changing room (when I said hungover I might have meant still drunk, it took a while to remember what you do when theres no zip) I discovered the joy of the leotard, they come it brilliant colours and have really great detail on the back.
However they're not particularly suitable for a night out in the pub. I apologise for coming across as a crazy drunken stripper in this post.

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niamh said...

dance world is quite possibly the best shop in the world. i own about 10 diff leotards from there and theyre all so pretty. if u want a bargain on some nice ones check out