Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going Short

I am all for short. Short skirts, short dresses, shorts. I am also very short person. Lillian and I know that our legs are probably never going to look this good again so we do our best to avoid covering them up in overly long dresses or skirts. I have a very boring black dress that i bought for work but havn't worn since, the reason being it's down to my knee and just makes me thing that it would make a nice funeral dress. But really, id much rather get some wear out of it than keep it for funerals. So basically im just gonna get the scissors out and cut the bottom off it.

Before: Boring length, too long sleeves, boring work dress.

After: I might have cut it a bit too short but sure at least now ill wear it.


Cillian said...

Eh...fierce, much?

/Male Mode.

ana said...

that's so cute! not too short at all if you ask

blogee said...

Thanks, but ive had a bit of a change of heart with this dress, i think it really needs to be a playsuit.