Sunday, November 2, 2008

Money saving tips, it's the big R after all

If I sat down and calculated the amount of money I spend on magazines the total would probably make me feel a little ill and would almost certainly cover the holiday to Ibiza that I've been planning. Unfortunately since I no longer have a job I've had to cut back my periodical consumption to The Wire and The Economist and anyway the choice of fash mags here is fairly shit. Thats why Catherine spent all her money bringing French vogues to Dublin and why whenever we're away we raid the local news agents. Thankfully thecoolhunter so sorted all our problems and created offshoot of their own, fationation brings together beautiful editorials, runway shows and streetstyle, thanks bud.


Later I'll post the drunken pictures of my and Catherine pole dancing in our Hallowe'en costumes.

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