Friday, May 1, 2009

Master and Commander

It's officially the first day of summer, yay and we're having the first bbq of the season tomorrow. Along with the paddling pool, mojito's, pimm's and lemonade and of course the lovely food we'll need to be sorting out our eyewear. Not too long ago xpose (should I admit I watch it sometimes or is that uncool?) did a great segmnent on sunglasses for the upcoming season and ever since I've been trying to find an affordable version of the clubmaster by Rayban. I'm afraid Rayban are generally too expensive for me (I'm only a poor student) and I only have my Wayfarers because they were a pressie. I didn't have to look too long before I found a cheap version anyway. These guys from are on their way to my for a tenner, noice.

If you wanna be cool like this guy and wear the coloured glasses rather than the tortoise shell head over to they've got a good selection of colours


SOS! said...

I love them....would love a pair!
xx-LJ from SOS!

jayems said...

gettin some for sure. x

Philip Kennedy said...

I might not know all that much about blogging fashion for girls but I do know if I was a girly fashion blogger the only glasses worth blogging this season would be 'Zooey', the latest line of signiture glasses from the coolest glasses folk around - Oliver Peoples.

There designed in collaboration with the beautiful Zooey Deschanel and come with an ad by the terrific Autumn De Wilde... clearly way cooler then that weird guy on your blog.

Here's the ad:

...and here's the link:

(A scoop like this is probably worthy of a doggy bag at the next Fashion Bloggers Brunch, no?)

Anonymous said...

Another great site for eyeglasses and sunglasses is