Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eye Maxx

After a good six months of searching for a new pair of glasses, on a shopping adventure to TK Maxx with my mam last Thursday I finally found them. I had no idea that TK Maxx sold frames and so it was a nice surprise when i spotted these Chloe frames amongst the sunglasses, but it was an even nicer surprise when I saw that they were marked down from €300 to just €70. BARGAIN.



The Portmanteau said...

Nice. I did not know that TK Maxx did glasses. I need new frames too so must check them out. Lx.

ana said...

nice, I want to see them on! I need new frames as I always feel that my very big thick black frames are a bit heavy for the summer

neil said...

if only you'd made your move on me a few years ago, i could've got you a 10% discount.