Friday, May 1, 2009

All Over American Apparel

I know it's so over done, and what with the shop opening soon it's going to be just like when Skins vomited all over Dublin. But, in saying that, i was having a bit of a browse on the website earlier and was very impressed with some of the new stock.

A hooded swimsuit. Genius idea, and would look great with high waisted pants.

Another perfect super tight mini-dress. It kind of reminds me of what an ice skater might wear. Ill be Torvill and you can be Dean.

Bodysuits, they look amazing, but whatever you do, don't go drinking in one.



Charline said...

i want those swimshirts for my trip in crete, i dont know which one, theyre so coool

Fayoona said...

hooded swimsuit is unreal. when is Am Appy opening anyways?

blogee said...

They have been "coming soon" for about six months. There is a big sign outside the shop now and they have recruited staff so hopefully it'll be this month.

Annmarie said...

love the swimsuit - v Grace Jones