Friday, May 1, 2009

Craft hour

I've finally finished all my essays for the year and with exams still a few weeks away I have some time for arts and crafts. Thankfully some jewelry designers have been fairly accommodating and have designed some pieces I can try out myself.

Maria Lau a graduate from London's Royal College of Art, uses semi-precious stones braided in nude stockings. That's definitely something I can do (except for the semi precious stones bit, I'll probably just use fake plastic ones) and a genius way to use up all of my ripped tights that I can't wear anymore.

Obviously not everyone enjoys arts and crafts so you can buy the necklaces here if you like

I also very much like Sabrina Dehoff's unification pieces. Also of the Royal College of Art, after stints at Guy Laroche and Lanvin shes now teaching us how to come together through jewelry. Thats nice of her.

Again you can buy most of her collection here if you'd prefer.

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