Friday, July 24, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City

Photo of H&H Bagels from the New York Times.

I am off to New York for a few days in September and as it's my first time i welcome any suggestions on places to shop, eat (i am so excited about the food, loads of bagels and pancakes-yum yum) and hang out. I'm not too bothered about the usual stuff like the Empire State Building, but if any you guys have any suggestions for things to do that are a little bit different, it would be much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

The first thing to do would probably be to pick up any one of the million free magazines lying around the place and have a good snoop. Otherwise...

The East Village - Especially around Astor Place and St Marks - Probably not as cool as it was when Chloe Sevigny was spotted here (and, depending what day in September you get there, packed with NYU students) but there's a lot of wheat amongst the chaff as regards shopping. Also a cheap drink and someone interesting to talk to is never more than twenty paces away.

The Museum of Modern Art is free on Friday afternoons after four. The queue is huge but passes though very quickly. It's sister museum PS1 is Brooklyn is usually worth a looksee. Oh, and the Costume Institute at the Met is usually good for inspiration - although I never seem to be able to find it whenever I go in there (it's on the ground floor btw).

Frankly none of this stuff is very unusual, so another recommendation would be to go to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone - or do some surreptitious people watching.

The food in New York is totally amazing (most of the time). If you want something a little away from the norm, I'd definitely go for some Greek food. There are loads of great places in Queens if you happen to stray that far. Oh, and go for brunch. Brunch on a Sunday.

Have a good time. I'm very jealous.

blogee said...

That was very thorough, thanks so much.

Philip Kennedy said...

the free magazines are good but buying an issue of Time Out comes pretty well recommended. It's cheap and will tell you about pretty much everything. Well worth it.