Thursday, July 9, 2009

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When i think of Clarks, i think of those great little devices they used to use to measure my feet whenever i needed a new pair of patent Mary Janes when i was little. But unfortunately i haven't owned a pair of those Mary Janes since my mom stopped buying all my clothes. Clarks was just one of those shops that seemed a bit old-fashioned and boring. That was until there image revamp in 2001. Nice (comfortable) shoes and a good advertising campaign have allowed the company to maintain there position, along with Reebok and Nike, as one of the biggest shoe brands in the world.

As i have recently started back in a job that requires me to stand for long periods of time, i needed a pair of shoes that were comfortable and pretty. And hey presto, for only €27.50 (reduced from €70) my lovely new Clarks Mary Janes. They really are the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned.


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