Friday, July 31, 2009

Dress Disaster

Last week I went to the Dubliner of the Year party in the Merrion, but for some reason i had a bout of outfit anxiety. I don't think i have ever been so worried about what i was going to wear to an event, i found it easier to decide what to wear to my debs than i have for this occasion. And, it is not for lack of planning. The previous week i headed into town and bought some lovely silk in Murphy Sheehy to make a dress that was going very well until two days before when i had to admit defeat and start looking for something else to wear. Although the dress i was making looked lovely on my dress makers mannequin, it somehow managed to look absolutely crap on me.

So I ended up doing a mad dash around town on the day trying to find something and in the end i picked up this lovely pink dress in Zara for only €14.99. I haven't worn pink in years but I think I am coming around to it again. I wore my studded belt that I had from when I was younger and wore baggy jeans just to take away from the prettiness of the pink a bit and my white shoes are from Bershka ages ago.

Me looking a little bit uncomfortable, photo by Leon Farrell, more of those here.



CaitrĂ­ona said...
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CaitrĂ­ona said...

Catherine, you were beautiful in pink. The word disaster should never be near any of your sartorial postings. - pink lolz -

blogee said...

You're too kind. Thanks Catriona