Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Hair, Old Style

When it comes to women i admire, i was never quite able to separate great women from their great hairstyles, and that's why Mary Quant and Isabella Blow have always been style idols of mine. These are two women whose hairstyles i have been replicating for years, from Sassoon's cocoon style to a more classic bob.

Apparently Quant's cut was so precise that it took a simple shake of her head after a shower for the hair to fall into place.

Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon

And the late Isabella Blow

Then there's me, and my first precision haircut. Photo taken by Dan Dennison way back in 2007.

And then the very poor quality webcam shot of today's new haircut.

The lovely Marina at Styleclub on South William Street cuts my hair and she is amazing.



Cillian said...

Love love love.


neil said...

stand back, there's a hair-icane coming through.

i'll get my coat.

Charline said...

i like

Inspire the Starling said...


Philip Kennedy said...

hardcore fo'show!

what are they wearing now said...

Your hair looks fab. My favourite hair also. Google Louise Brookes, the 1920s actress who started it all and you will fall in love.