Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I know it isn't really Spring until the 20th but by then ill be so worried about my dissertation that there will simply be no more time for cleaning.

Unfortunately I do not have sufficient storage for all my lovely clothes as my mom has taken over three wardrobes in our house. Or perhaps the problem is that i have too many clothes..? ha ha, of course not!

Anyway, turns out i have more than 40 pairs of shoes. Although others might think that is excessive, but i think that it's pretty impressive. They were all piled together at the bottom of my wardrobe so i did a bit of rearranging and now i can actually see them.

I also recently invested in a very nifty space saving device. It's basically just a coat rack that hangs off the back of your door. Lil has one too and they are just genius. Fantastic use of space altogether.

€15 in Argos, wonderful.

I used to keep my bags on a hanger. All, gosh 30 something of them, but then the hanger broke under the strain (not surprising really) so i had to find a solution for that too. It's amazing how much crap i had kept from when i was young, like my collection of Where's Wally? magazines and my collection of animal soaps. So, they're gone now and on their former shelf are my lovely bags.

So, when the bags were gone there was a whole extra rail in my wardrobe. Brilliant. Space to separate skirts and dresses. Ok, so it's not as good as Alicia Silverstone's wardrobe in Clueless but it'll do for now.

For those of you who havn't seen Clueless, ill have to explain about the wardrobe. It was controlled by a computer so Cher would pick out her outfit, or have the computer choose it and then her mechanical wardrobe would bring the items she needed to the very front. Genius.


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Cillian said...

You had a Where's Wally mag collection too?! Gah!

PS. Cute shoes.

/Male Mode.