Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please excuse the short rant

but I'm somewhat of an angry person, not in a I punch the walls for release way but in a mah I get frustrated with stupidity easily way  usually this sort of anger is kept for particularly bad bands, MGMT in particular but today its being channeled towards the most ridiculous of the new trends for spring sumer. I'm looking forward to everyone running around wearing blocks of bright colours, flowers prints and clashing to their hearts content, however one thing I'm dreading is the sight of is the belly top. It's never been cool and it never will be cool, no matter how toned your stomach is its still not going to look good, in fact it's going to look trashy (and not in the good way).  If Carrie Bradshaw couldn't pull it off then no one else can and hopefully they'll have enough sense not to try. Thankfully Cheryl Cole was silly enough to try and so stands as a shinning example of what a horrible idea this stupid trend is. 


The Portmanteau said...

I'm really frightened by the return of the belly top. Like, nobody wants to see that! Lx

Bluebirds Are So Natural said...

I'm kind of intruiged actually. A

blogee said...

Oh no, i won't tolerate that kind of talk Ailbhe!