Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So so cold

The worst thing about being back in Dublin is how bloody cold I am all the time. Even at home with the heating on I still end up wearing a jumper and under a blanket before I feel warm. Thats why this scarf I bought in Darjeeling is quite possibly the best buy ever. For only 2 quid, is it a blanket is it a scarf? It's both. We've already had the jegging and a bunch of other stupid combinations but I have a feeling this one is a winner.
While away in India I also discovered a brilliant knew way of wearing scarves. I actually so a guy in a bar in Antwerp wearing a scarf like this but thought it would be way to nerdy to ask him how he did it. So I give you an instructional pictorial.
First double the scarf over.

After sticking it round your neck put one of the loose ends through the loop like so.

Now get the other bit of the scarf and bring it through the bottom part of the loop.
If I was better with computers I could have made a gif for you but I'm not so I'm afraid this is all you get. Writing instructions is more difficult than I thought.

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