Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Our Birthday

When Lillian and I were at the Blogger's Brunch in BT2 on Saturday and we were chatting to some new blogger's we realised that it was Offshoots 1st Birthday. To think it almost passed us by. So well done us and thanks to you lovely people for reading.

-Lillian and Catherine

(picture from icanhascheezburger, nothing to do with fashion whatsoever, but very very cute)


The Style Strutter said...

Happy Birthday ladies:)!!

So nice to meet ye!! Ill put some pics up later! Cya soon, xxx


Aideen McCole said...

Happy Birthday Offshoot!

neil said...

i can has happy birthday

blanaid said...

Happy birthday!

Alice said...

Happy Birthday!

blogee said...

You're all lovely, thanks for the Birthday wishes.