Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanks Nannny

Like all good old people my nanny lives in a bungalow which means her attic is huge but frankly I've always been too lazy and far too scared to go up there. Which was silly of me because it always seemed like all her best old clothes were up there. I only found that out when someone less lazy than me went up to investigate. I was well happy when I popped in for tea one afternoon to find a pile of clothes with my name on it. Of course it was all the crazy clothes my relatives knew I would like I'll post more of my great finds soon but first for my new favourite bag. A mixture of holiday/old lady tac I've been running around with this bag for the last few weeks as proud as punch that it was my nanny's bag she got when she was off on a pilgrimage to the holy land. The bubble burst when my lovely friend Saoirse asked me if I got it in Urban Outfitters ' No Nanny brought this back from the Holy Land'. If UO have stolen this design I'm very displeased. Can any one else cooberate Saoirse's story about UO selling these? cos if not I'm going to assume shes saying this to annoy me.

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