Friday, October 9, 2009

Run Forest Run

Runners are a bit of a sore point for me. I very rarely want to spend any money on such terrible foot wear but I feel like I should keep a pair around just in case I decide to go for a run or way more likely that I'm off to the country and don't want to wreck any of my nice shoes. I threw out my last pair of runners because I didn't want them taking up all that space in my bag on the way home from India, that and the sole had properly fallen right off (I don't expect much better from four quid penney's runners). So I'm thinking I might have to buy a new pair just to have in case I decide maybe to do some exercise. Thankfully the brillers band No Age have designed new runners for Emerica. Now I know they're fairly plain and grey but to be honest thats exactly what I want from a pair of runners something really non offensive (this excludes the crazy Marty McFly runners I bought a few years back they were great), also theres the cool points involved in owning No Age runners. They're also playing both Whelans and the Exchange on the 24th of October although these probably won't be on the merch stand.

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