Sunday, November 2, 2008

Channeling Chanel

I had my first real Chanel experience not too long ago and to be honest, it was amazing. I was on a hunt for my scent, after years of wearing whatever perfume came my way i decided to take charge of how i smell. MMK are quite the fan of Chanel, Anna is Chance, Lil is Number 5 and I, subsequently am Coco Mademoiselle. Id be lying if i said i wasn't swayed by the lovely bottle, or the iconic font but as the Chanel counter in Brown Thomas is equipped with a great big jar of coffee beans, theirs was the only perfume that i could actually smell properly, without the confusing mix of Missoni, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. And so i became a Chanel girl.

But suddenly it just wasn't enough. I wanted the two-tone tights, the elaborate brooches, the 2.55, the perfect little pumps. I wanted to be just like the mannequin in the window. I already had the black bob and red lips down so off i went home to have a good sit down at my sewing machine to see what we could come up with. Et voila, as long as people can smell the perfume, no one need know that im a cheater.

Black dress from American Apparel, silver shoes from Nine West, bag and pearls from various charity shops.

To be worn with all of the pearl necklaces you own, a whole pile of sparkly brooches and a Chanel-esque bag from your local charity shop. For wonderfull fabrics, The Woolen Mills is a great place as they consistently have a nice collection of tweeds.


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