Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just don't think its very fair

I don't particularly like London, everyones seems to be in a constant rush, its too big and smelly and though it's held up as the mecca of street style I always find that everyone looks too similarly trendy. I quite like coming home to Dublin to find some people wandering around in their pyjamas while others look fabulous, variation being the spice of life an' all that. The only way I'll be back to London any time sson is for trip to the British Museum or maybe the Design Museum. However they do always seem to have great sample sales there, so if you're heading to London any time soon I'd advise going to this and picking up some of those legendary Eleykishimto prints.

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Anonymous said...

everyone seems be in this mindset but i just enjoy being the calm little centre to all the havoc!