Saturday, November 15, 2008

Circus Chic

The Miu Miu window display at Rue Saint Honore. It just made me go "wow"
(Photo from Jak &Jill)

It also made me think of Picasso.

So when i got home to my lovely sewing machine i started working on this.

In Paris, speciality shops are all grouped together in the same place. So when you need some fabric the only place to go is Rue d'Orsel in Montmartre. This place is like heaven on earth, shop after shop just filled with fabric, and all the trimmings your heart could desire. Im fairly certain that i was wondering around open mouthed when i first discovered it.

It was there that i found the ultimate circus fabric. I had been wanting to pay homage to the Miu Miu harlequin inspired collection that i saw in the window of their on Rue Saint Honore. It was in a section dedicated to children's costumes with a great variety of harlequin prints for only €4 per metre. Id been humming and hawing about buying it for ages. I was quickly running out of room in my suitcase and i had already sent a package ahead of me but, when my last day finally came around i knew that id regret it when i got back to Dublin. So on my final day in Paris i spent my very last €4 on one metre of loveliness.

And this is how it turned out.

Red shoes from Bertie, whits tights from C&A, red shirt from Free'P'Star Paris, collar hand made.



Anonymous said...

so perfect. i want to marry paris.

In-tree-gue said...

This skirt is amazing! I love the whole circus inspired outfit. Would you be interested in exchanging links??

Philip Kennedy said...

that is a lovely dress. perfect.

blogee said...

Yes of course Intreegue, you're on the list.

Anonymous said...

miu miu the collection......hate that topshop decided to rape it!


skoirt luks savage!