Friday, November 14, 2008

One of a kind

So after my little rant about H&M yesterday, ive calmed down a bit since ive had the chance to play with my new blouse.

On a book hunting trip over to Bolton Street this afternoon i popped into a little shop called Ritzy Rags. This is a great charity shop. They had an amazing hounds tooth skirt suit that was very Chanel-esque for only €10 and a pretty good collection of fur coats and 80's jumpers. Unfortunately the skirt suit was about four sizes too big so i went for an adorable trapeze tartan jacket that i got for an unbelievable 70cent. Bargain! It's actually a child's coat but im a very small person(i claim im 5'2 but im pretty sure that's a lie).

All the stuff comes from France, ooh la la, with the proceeds going to Friends of the Elderly. Like Lil has said before we are big fans of old people - chic or not.

The point being that my new jacket looks fab with my wonderful Comme des Garcons frill blouse.

Left: Black H&M jeans, wh
ite Bershka shoes, black dickie bow borrowed from dad and white Comme des Garcons for H&M shirt. Right: With 70cent kids coat.



SOS! said...

ooh you got the blouse! looks great.

blogee said...

thanks, i love love love it. Very see through though, must invest in nude body from M&S

Bluebirds Are So Natural said...

I'd heard of Ritzy Rags before actually. I may well have to hit it up sometime very very soon. x a