Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is a disgrace

I woke up this morning very excited. Like many others I had organised my finances in order to pay for some lovely pieces from the Comme des Garcons for H&M collection that went on sale at 9am this morning. Due to important thesis commitments Lil volunteered to get the few things that i wanted. Now, 10:30 roles around and i get a phone call from Lil telling me that they didn't have the round neck jacket i wanted in Dundrum and to head down to South King Street when i got out of class. So off i went, practically running down the street hoping there would still be some left, but low and behold, there weren't any.

I asked the shop assistant just in case i had overlooked it. His response was, "oh, you mean this one", pointing to the poster. "No, the jacket with the round neck and matching skirt." To which he replied "Oh, no, we didn't get that in."

Now, this is the problem i have. Just because we are not London or Tokyo we don't get the full collection. What the hell is this about?

If im mistaken, id appreciate if anyone could put me back on track, but for the mean time, im really quite disappointed.


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