Monday, November 17, 2008

Comme On!!!

I apologise for the lateness of the very important Comme des Garcons report but Catherine had the photos and I've only just got them from her. Catherine was unable to make the launch so myself and the trusty Me and My Korg designer Anna Kealey made our way to Dundrum shopping centre at the ungodly time of half eight. When we arrived there were only five or so forty something year old ladies waiting at H&M, we were anticipating something a little more raucous. This was surely only a good thing as we'd get all we wanted so much easier, that is if they had actually stocked the pieces we were looking for. The shop was missing the round collar jacket, the matching skirt,the tux jacket, the red polka dot shirt and only had eight of the other short jacket, I was not so happy.

The sizing was also quite odd, I went a size smaller for all the shirts and then tried two sizes bigger for the dress and it still wouldn't fit, very strange altogether. Another thing that really annoyed me (perhaps a little irrationally) were the buttons, if I'm paying fifty quid for a shirt then I certainly want a lovely button on it (buttons are very important to me, my button box is one of my most prized possesions).

I'm sorry for that little rant, I did end up buying two of the polka dot shirts, one of which I hadn't seen on the website so I was pleasantly surprised. Of course my love of wearing too much of everything means I'll eventually wear both shirts together a liitle like this.

After raiding the ladies section Anna and myself buzzed it over to then mens section in search of lovely cardies and the like. Unexpectedly it was far bussier than upstairs, we were pushed out of the way by men running towards the trenches and there were frantic women on the phone to their husband or son 'WHAT SIZE ARE YOU? HERE YOU, YOU'RE SKINNY LIKE MY LAD, WHAT SIZE IS THAT COAT YOU'RE WEARING? 38? LUV WOULD A 38 DO? OK OK.'

The whole collection was a little underwhelming but we've all got a few more lovely shirts although our bank balances are considerably worse off.

This was what I was wearing the day after the big sale, unable to put off my new CDG purchases.

Shirt- CDG for H&M, Bowtie- hairclip from carboot sale made into a necklace, Polka dot belt- vintage, Skirt- Dunnes, Tights- M&S, Brogues- Topshop


Dagless said...

Love the indie-poseur incurving foot in the photo there. MAISPACE!!

blogee said...

we learned all we know from you