Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The bow tie experiment continues

As is often the case Catherine and myself decided we loved bow ties at the exact same time and both went a bit mad for em, thats why I bought her that glittery one she posted about down there. I however don't have the funds to be buying lots of bow ties for myself so I made mine instead.
Here's the first one, made of black leather.
I made another crocodile skin one but I ended up giving it to my uncle for Christmas, I realised a little too late in the day that I hadn't bought a present for him.
I have far too much material left over because shockingly 1/4 of a meter is the smallest amount you can buy but thats enough to make about 20 bowties. I'm going to have to come up with inventive ways to use up the rest of the fabric, I'm thinking black heart earings. I also intend on making a reversible hood of clashing tartans but I'm back in college and essays are due so we'll see when all this actually gets done.

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Cillian said...

There it is! It looks even better than I had imagined!