Sunday, January 18, 2009

From skirt to scarf

I bought this great dress in Free 'P Star in Paris for €10 but never really liked it the way it was. I loved the colour and the white detailing but knew it was destined for better things.

So i cut it up and gave the skirt to a friend and kept the last bit for myself to make a statement scarf.

White shoes River Island, black skirt Penney's and black blazer from Benneton.

Tah-dah, amazing new scarf!



Cillian said...

Am invariably amazed by your acts innovation!

/Male Mode.

PS. Lil! What's your surname? Can't find you on Facebook!

blogee said...

Also, Lillian's last name is Farrell.


The Sexy Pedestrian said...

That's fabulous, I much prefer the scarf. I've never thought of turning things into scarves actually...

*cue wild rummaging in wardrobe for scarf material*

lolita said...

I was in Freep'Star last week and I loved it. Such a cool DIY project!