Saturday, January 17, 2009

Homage to the Square

Hermès has adapted it's signature carré (square silk scarf) to pay homage to Josef Albers series of paintings "Homage to the Square". The french fashion house will create six Albers inspired scarves and produce just 200 editions of each design. Coming in at €2,000 each this is something I will certainly just be looking at on our trip to Paris next week.

"Accomplished as a designer, photographer, typographer, printmaker and poet, Albers is best remembered for his work as an abstract painter and theorist. Most famous of all are the hundreds of paintings and prints that make up the series Homage to the Square. In this rigorous series, begun in 1949, Albers explored chromatic interactions with flat colored squares arranged concentrically on the canvas." Each of the paintings were printed edge-to-edge with painstaking effort to ensure no hue overlap, which is the same technique that will be used in printing the scarves.

Fashion as art and art as fashion. The French always manage to get it spot on.


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