Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a little hazy

on intellectual property laws but I'm sure its just fine if I steal a designer's ideas for my own wardrobe. Penney's do it all the time. This is a little sloppy blogging because I made this stuff a while ago but I just started thinking about it again after visiting the Marc by Marc Jacobs in Paris. In which I bought almost all the cheapy accesories, including a one euro ring, nooice. But alas it was not the ring I stole (that infact would have just been regular thievery rather than anything to do with intellectual property), I'm talking bout all the way back to his spring summer 08 collection when Mr Jacobs went a bit mad for the auld lego, making accesories and all sorts. This piece of thievery was pertpetrated while trying to decide what to wear for the December TAC whose theme was toybox (I don't know bout you but I find TAC night the most stressful of all, wardrobe wise). AHAH LEGO brillers I'll go as LEGO, it was cheap( two squid from the pound shop) and easy (bit of imagination and lots of glue), unfortunately it's not very durable, as the evening went on my accesories got more and more sparse, i s a good thing the night started with them being ridiculously large.So for two euro I made myself LEGO earings, bow tie, belt buckle and my favourite of all an enormous ring. I wholeheartedly endorse stealing for yourself, or should I really say being inspired by others while putting your own original splashes in too (yeah that sounds better).

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